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 Beauty queen slammed

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PostSubject: Beauty queen slammed   Tue Oct 13, 2009 12:50 pm

Beauty queen slammed

JAKARTA - SHE represented Aceh in Indonesia's high-profile beauty pageant, and beat 37 others to win the coveted Miss Indonesia Universe crown last Friday.

But instead of praise, Miss Qori Sandioriva, 18, who is part Acehnese, has been denounced by clerics and community leaders in Indonesia's strict Islamic province for bringing shame to Aceh.

The furore centres on her taking part in the contest without wearing a jilbab, the Islamic headdress.

The head of the Aceh Customs and Traditions Council, Mr Usman Budiman, said the teenage beauty should not claim to represent the province if she breaks Aceh's tradition and syariah law.

Aceh's Daya Ulema Association secretary-general Teungku Faisal Ali added: 'We are not bothered by the Puteri Indonesia contest. What bothers us is why she represented Aceh, but did not reflect the values and culture of the Acehnese people, who are well known for their Islamic faith.'

Mr Mursyid Yahya, head of the Islamic syariah office in Aceh's Lhokseumawe district, said it was customary for Acehnese Muslim women to dress modestly, in full-length dresses with long sleeves and a jilbab, or headscarf that covers the hair, leaving only the face exposed.
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Beauty queen slammed
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