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 Cronenberg to Remake His Fly Remake

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PostSubject: Cronenberg to Remake His Fly Remake   Sun Oct 18, 2009 12:40 pm

Cronenberg to Remake His Fly Remake

Source:Risky Biz Blog
September 24, 2009

David Cronenberg is developing a remake of his classic The Fly with Fox. He will direct and potentially write the new film.

The 1986 release, itself a remake of Kurt Neumann's 1958 sci-fi classic, starred Jeff Goldblum and became a hit for Fox.

The Fly centered on Seth Brundle (Goldblum), an eccentric scientist who, after an experiment with teleportation goes awry, is transformed into a fly. Geena Davis starred as Goldblum's love interest and partner, Veronica.
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Cronenberg to Remake His Fly Remake
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