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 HK worries about S'pore

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PostSubject: HK worries about S'pore   Tue Oct 27, 2009 11:49 am

HK worries about S'pore

HK worries about S'pore
By Shu-Ching Jean Chen, For The Straits Times

HONG KONG - WARNED a recent headline in the mass-circulation newspaper The Oriental Daily: 'Singapore's tourism theme parks to make a killing off Hong Kong tourists'.

The Sing Pao newspaper splashed a whole page with bold Chinese characters that told a similar story. 'Singapore's grab for tourists, a brazen challenge to Hong Kong', the wording went.

Perhaps The Sun said it best. It described the scheduled opening of Universal Studios Singapore next year as 'the shaving of Hong Kong's eyebrows' - a local metaphor for public mortification.

No matter how the papers put it, one thing is certain. Hong Kong's tourism industry is worried.

The concerns were stoked by a marketing campaign currently going on here conducted by Resorts World at Sentosa and Universal Studios Singapore. There is added unease because not many were aware until recently about the imminent opening of Singapore's new theme parks.

Mr Paul Tse, a legislator who represents the tourism industry, said: 'We have been worried about Hong Kong's tourism all the time, but all these (developments) alarm us even further.


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HK worries about S'pore
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