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PostSubject: Guidelines   Wed Oct 28, 2009 7:38 pm

1. Do not post direct links to mp3s or wmvs of songs ---- even if the artist doesn't complain, the law will....

2. Try not to abuse another person's idol or a certain song that you dislike-- if you dislike it then go support the person you like.

3. No other audio except for Music - like now random screaming or pornographic noise.etc. But Podcasts about Music are okay.

5. Post only links to actually official music videos or fanmade videos from Youtube.

6. If a member posts a youtube link to a song you like and they have the actual song on them then properly ask them via PM and not in the thread. If you can, please go out and buy the song legally.

7. Refrain from using swearing words in replies. I know that some song artists have swear words in their song. But please try to keep this place swear word free. There are minors in this forum.

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