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 Laws of this forum [Update 27-OCT 2009]

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PostSubject: Laws of this forum [Update 27-OCT 2009]   Tue Oct 06, 2009 2:07 pm

Hello, and welcome to Beyond Words community.

This is a place to discuss media. Here we will discuss Television series, Movies, Games, and including the latest books also. Each media has a story behind it and thus it's way they are presented in the mediums that inspires us and provide timeless entertainment and food for the mind. Join us and be inspired....

Although stories have unlimited possiblities, we have to have some rules to keep it in order here. We don't want to be the stereotypical forum staff that have to warn everyone who abuses our guidelines. So, please read through this list of rules, if you will, so that your stay can be that much more enjoyable.

Spam is defined as any topic or reply that doesn't relate to the topic. For example: You wouldn't post a design you recently made in the general discussion section. Spamming can also be defined as simple one-worded replies to topics in order to gain posts. This will not be allowed. The admin or mod will move the topic to the correct sections if this rule is broken however the member in questioned will be warned.

2. Signature and Avatar Limits

Signatures/Avatars are other methods that depict your interests and things you might not be so interested about. You are allowed to advertise on your sig but remember to first put an ad topic in the advertising section.
  • No pornography or nudity.

  • No 18+ images (this includes EXTREME gore).

  • Maximum avatar size= 200 x 200px

  • Maximum Signature size= 600 x 200px

3. Advertising in the Inappropriate Sections
Keep your advertising in the Advertising sections. Even though signature ads are allowed but keep within the size range. Refrain from PM advertising.

4. Language
A few guidelines
  • D0 n0t sP3@k lyK tH!s! ----- This is not a MSN messenger or a Mobile Phone SMS

  • DON'T USE CAPS ALL THE TIME----- It looks like you are screaming.

  • Avoid vulgarities----- It's a sore for the eyes and ears.

  • Keep Singlish or other language mixed english to a minimum.----- After all Miss Singapore 2009, Ris Low has shamed her own country by speaking Singlish at a very formal event. Speak proper English so that people can understand each other better.

5. Flaming
Flaming is a very big problem in online communities as intentions and thoughts may be mistaken for their true meanings. We ask that all users PLEASE be courteous and nice to your fellow users. If you are caught flaming, you will be warned. Each member is given two chances before they are banned for at least 1 mth. So make the right choice, and be nice!

6. Reporting Rule Violators & Misconducts
We are not God so we make mistakes too. This doesn't mean that you have to report someone to the staff for every little violation to the rules. However; if you notice a member or staff member continually violating the rules and committing misconducts then PLEASE report these violations to a member of the staff.

7. Link to download sites
No direct linking to downloading sites of media like music, Tv series or movies. Streaming sites are only allowed for trailers of media but not the whole show or movie. This forum will take no responsibility if the law were to catch you. Direct Links to Bittorrent downloads is strictly forbidden.
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Laws of this forum [Update 27-OCT 2009]
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