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 One Piece

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PostSubject: One Piece   Sun Nov 08, 2009 11:10 am

Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Shounen
Episodes: Ongoing
Manga: Read One Piece Manga Online
Type: TV Series
Age Rating: Teen +13

22 years ago, the legendary pirate Gol D. Roger, departed the world leaving behind the treasure One Piece for any who are worthy enough to find it. He who finds this treasure would be granted the title "Pirate King". Amazed by this news, the young Monkey D. Luffy sets out on a journey to find a group of pirate comrades, towards his goal of attaining One Piece and becoming the Pirate King. Based on the manga by Oda Eiichiro.
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PostSubject: Re: One Piece   Mon Nov 16, 2009 10:22 pm

So.. some info on the characters in this show.

There are 2 main groups. the Pirates and the World Government

Known Pirates are:

Strawhat crew -
- Monkey D. Luffy [Captain]
- Rononoa Zoro [First Mate]
- Sanji [Chef]
- Nami [Navigator]
- Nico Robin [ Archeologist]
- Tony Tony Chopper [ Doctor]
- Franky [Shipwright]
- Brook [Musician]
- Usopp [Sniper]
The Yonkou -
- Whitebeard
- Shanks
Others -
- Monkey D. Dragon
- Buggy The Clown
- Portgas D. Ace

The World Government

- Fleet Admiral Sengoku
- Admiral Aokiji
- Admiral Akainu
- Admiral Kizaru
- Vice Admiral Monkey D. Garp


- Blackbeard (Marshall D. Teach)
- Bartholomew Kuma
- Boa Hancock
- Gecko Moria
- Dracule Mihawk
- Donquixote Doflamingo
- Jimbei

- Sir Crocodile

Intel Agency Cipher Pol No. 9
- Spandam
- Rob Lucci
- Kaku
- Jabra
- Blueno
- Kumadori
- Karifa

Impel Down (prison) Personnel
- Chief Warden Magellan
- Vice Chief Warden Hannyaba
- Chief Guard Sadi-chan
- Chief Guard Saldeath
- Chief Jailer Shiryuu
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PostSubject: Re: One Piece   Mon Nov 16, 2009 11:03 pm

So in the manga and anime, where's Luffy now and how long before he find the One Piece?

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PostSubject: Re: One Piece   Tue Nov 17, 2009 11:18 am

Both manga and anime about the same pace... anime slower by about 5 chapters though.

Some updates.

Luffy is currently seperated from his crew, as he was blown off while fighting the shichibukai Bartholomew Kuma. He landed in a country where there are only ladies, headed by the Shichibukai Boa Hancock.

He then found out that his brother, Portgas D. Ace, has been captured by the Marines and is scheduled for execution. Thus he requested help from Boa Hancock, to infiltrate the Great Underwater Prison - Impel Down.

With the help of Hancock, he was able to get into the prison, and along the way, he encountered old foes, like Buggy the Clown, Sir Crocodile and his former subodinates, Mr. 1, Mr. 2 and Mr. 3, as well as the exiled Shichibukai, Jimbei. They team up to escape Impel Down.

This part is for anime, i'll update the other parts in the manga section
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PostSubject: Re: One Piece   Thu Apr 15, 2010 6:44 am

Anyone got a picture of Brook??? What Cursed Fruit did he eat to get his powers???

What's interesting is that a big chunk of the Strawhat Pirates are Cursed Fruit powered. Luffy, Chopper, Nico & Brook.

I really like the bonds of friendship with Luffy & his crew. He considered each of them his friend before they officially joined. Case in point when Luffy was battling that fat guy, can't remember his name, who ate the Munch-Munch Fruit and he called Chopper his friend which made Chopper extremely happy.
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PostSubject: Re: One Piece   

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One Piece
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