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 Airport to run bus with fuel from organic waste

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PostSubject: Airport to run bus with fuel from organic waste   Wed Nov 11, 2009 11:27 am

Airport to run bus with fuel from organic waste
Mon Nov 9, 9:56 am ET

LONDON (Reuters) – East Midlands Airport will try to run a bus with a fuel produced from decomposing organic waste, the fuel producer Gasrec said on Monday.

Gasrec, the UK's first commercial producer of liquid biomethane (LBM), said the fuel could cut a vehicle's greenhouse gas emissions by up to 60 percent if it replaced diesel.

The six-month trial with a Cobus 3000 passenger bus would look into potential changes in air quality, carbon emissions, costs and vehicle performance at the airport.

Gasrec processes decomposing organic waste in landfills into LBM.

In separate trial, Gasrec supplied LBM for a refuse collection vehicle in London, which resulted in 62 percent saving in greenhouse gas compared with diesel.

(Reporting by Nao Nakanishi; editing by Sue Thomas)

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Airport to run bus with fuel from organic waste
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