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PostSubject: Rush   Rush Icon_minitimeWed Nov 11, 2009 2:22 pm

Rush Rush_2008

Rush is an action drama series set in a new critical incident response police unit. They're trained to be smarter, tactically superior and technologically advantaged – Melbourne's take on a cutting edge trend in policing worldwide. Rush is an insider's view of police under pressure - defusing crises, saving lives, preventing crime rather than catching the bad guys after the deed is done. Enter the Tactical Response team (TR). Fast, courageous and irreverent, they're a bunch of supremely trained young cops, working as a 24 hour mobile team responding to crisis anywhere in the city within ten minutes. They bring negotiation skills, lateral thinking, less lethal weaponry and a fresh attitude. Their brief is to strive for a fast and non-lethal resolution to the problem at hand. They're trained in counter-terrorism, advanced weaponry, explosives, bush survival, hand-to hand combat, navigation, advanced driving and rope work as well as the psychology of negotiation in hostage situations. They are about a 'less lethal' response to any incident likely to escalate out of hand. And they're fast... They are always on the road, patrolling, ready to respond to a crisis - A bank robbery, a hostage situation, a sniper, a prison escapee, a suicide attempt, a missing person, a bomb threat or guarding someone under witness protection. The team is supported by an intelligence expert, working in the nerve centre - an operations room back at headquarters with the cutting edge of technology at his fingertips. Being a new fresh organisation they're still on probation to a certain extent. The hierarchy is still keeping a close eye on this experiment in modern policing. They know they're under the microscope and any major slip up could jeopardize their whole existence. But the team has been well chosen. At moments of supreme pressure this team can anticipate each other's moves and work in formidable harmony. They know they're operating at the cutting edge of police work, and they wouldn't trade it for the world.
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