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 Reform for two men involved in fatal attack

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PostSubject: Reform for two men involved in fatal attack   Tue Nov 24, 2009 6:26 pm

SINGAPORE: They were involved in an attack that led to the death of Institute of Technical Education student Siah Wui Xiang.

But on Monday, Joshua Leong Wei Jun, 20, and Kan Zhan Peng, 19, were spared from caning and a prison sentence of up to 10 years — all because of their age.

Leong and Kan — with two others — were sitting along North Bridge Road at about 1am on Jan 3, when 18—year—old Wui Xiang and his three friends walked past.

One of Wui Xiang’s friends allegedly shouted vulgarities at the group and accused them of staring at him. A confrontation ensued, and after a scuffle, Wui Xiang’s friends fled, leaving him behind.

Leong managed to subdue Wui Xiang by grabbing his neck. Kan proceeded to slap the teenager a few times, and when the latter tried to get up, Kan kicked him in the face — causing him to fall backwards. Wui Xiang’s head hit the kerb, and the group fled the scene.

The victim, who complained of giddiness and a headache after the attack, went to the Singapore General Hospital, but died four days later.

His assaulters were arrested the day after he died — after Leong broke a promise among the four of them not to breathe a word of the incident. The youth told his brother, who notified the police.

Leong and Kan have been sent to the Reformative Training Centre, where they will remain for a period of between 18 months and three years. Their two friends will be sentenced at a later date.

— TODAY/so

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Reform for two men involved in fatal attack
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