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 Call for Doha deal to help poor

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PostSubject: Call for Doha deal to help poor   Mon Nov 30, 2009 10:28 am

GENEVA - DEVELOPING countries called on Sunday for a quick deal in the World Trade Organisation's Doha round to help poor nations by removing unfair distortions in the global trading system.

Trade ministers from Brazil, India and Indonesia issued the call for an early and successful Doha deal after a meeting of developing countries on the eve of a WTO conference.

'We want to keep this round alive and we want to conclude it early and successfully, and by successfully we mean friendly to development,' Brazilian Foreign Minister Celso Amorim told a news conference.

Indian Trade Minister Anand Sharma and Indonesian Trade Minister Mari Pangestu echoed his words, while ministers from other developing nations from Trinidad to Argentina to China sat with them.

'The developing countries ... have much at stake, most to gain and much to lose,' Mr Sharma said.

A deal is not just for poor countries, Mr Pangestu said. 'We are still in a fragile process of recovery and we should not underestimate the dangers for the negative effects that could prevail if protectionism should increase,' she said. -- REUTERS

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Call for Doha deal to help poor
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