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 The incredible moment a great white shark erupts from the sea to kill its prey

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PostSubject: The incredible moment a great white shark erupts from the sea to kill its prey   Thu Dec 10, 2009 10:58 am

Leaping out of the ocean with its jaws open, the great white shark shows the awesome extent of its destructive power before diving down.

The monstrous creature rose 20ft out of the water to reveal blood stains from a recently killed prey.

The dramatic picture of the shark breaching the sea was captured within a split second by a waiting wildlife photographer Chris Brunskill.

Flying: The great white shark shows its awesome power and acrobatic prowess as it breaches the water in False Bay, South Africa

Trawling a decoy seal off Seal Island near Cape Town in South Africa, for three hours, they wait for a shark to pick up the scent and follow the boat.

Suddenly it breaches out of the water from beneath to attack its prey by surprise in a stunning display of its force.

The perfect predator: The shark only jumps out of the water for a split second to secure its prey

A typical great white is 16ft long and weighs up to 2,400lbs. They hunt alone and as cannibals attack other great white's when they invade their territory.

Like many other sharks, they have rows of serrated teeth behind the main ones, allowing any that break off to be rapidly replaced.

All over: The seal has no idea what hit is as the shark explodes from the deep sea to snare its prey at the surface

The area around Seal Island in False Bay is the only place in the world where sharks regularly leap out of the water because of the large amount of seals swimming close to the sea's surface.

Known as 'spy hopping', the great white shark is one of only a few sharks that regularly lift its head above the sea surface to gaze at their prey. It is believed that it enables them to smell better while hunting.

Caught on camera: Chris Brunskill waits patiently on the back of a boat in False Bay to capture the rare moment of a shark breaching the water


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The incredible moment a great white shark erupts from the sea to kill its prey
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