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 Typhoon Melor hits Japan

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PostSubject: Typhoon Melor hits Japan   Thu Oct 08, 2009 10:43 am

Oct 8, 2009
Typhoon Melor hits Japan

TOKYO - A POWERFUL typhoon made landfall in central Japan early on Thursday, damaging houses, paralysing transport and leaving at least 14 people injured, officials and news reports said.

Typhoon Melor came ashore in Aichi prefecture shortly after 5am (2000 GMT Wednesday, 4am Singapore time), the meteorological agency said, becoming the first typhoon to make landfall in Japan since 2007.

It was moving on course to batter the main island of Honshu later on Thursday, packing gusts of up to 198kmh, the agency said, and bringing heavy rain.

Television footage showed some roofs and walls of houses blown off while trees were toppled, blocking roads in Aichi.

Public broadcaster NHK said at least 14 people were injured by strong wind or heavy rain as more than 9,000 people evacuated to shelters after efforts were made to strengthen homes and equip coastal areas with storm surge barriers.

Japanese airlines plan to ground 290 flights across the nation, while railway services were temporarily suspended, mainly in central Japan, Japanese media reported.

On Wednesday, more than 10,000 households were without electricity on islands in Japan's far south, according to local power companies. -- AFP
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Typhoon Melor hits Japan
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