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 Changi Airport, SIA step up security checks

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PostSubject: Changi Airport, SIA step up security checks   Mon Dec 28, 2009 10:08 am

SINGAPORE : Passengers flying to the US from Singapore can now expect stricter security checks, including body searches.

These are among the global stepped—up measures requested by US authorities, following a foiled bomb attack over Detroit on Christmas Day.

Singapore Airlines operates 35 flights to the United States every week.

And on Friday, security measures on—board were tightened to include — among other rules — requiring passengers to be seated during the final hour of the flight.

In—flight entertainment systems will also be shut off then, and blankets will have to be removed.

And like Hong Kong carrier Cathay Pacific and South Korea’s Korean Air, the use of cabin phones will also be restricted.

But once travellers arrive in the US, they can also expect more security checks.

On the ground, airlines worldwide have also enforced extra screening and airports have also stepped up security.

Since Saturday afternoon, all passengers flying non—stop to the US from Changi Airport have had to go through physical body checks as part of additional security measures. These checks could take a while, and queues might be expected to form, so passengers are advised to get to the airport a little earlier, to give themselves enough time.

Most passengers are taking the added measures in their stride.

One passenger said: "With regards to a male touching a female, that would be something wrong. But if it is a female in contact with a female, I am alright with it."

Another commented: "If they are having people go on the planes with potential bombs, I think it is important to make sure they get rid of any signs of that by doing...personal body checks. They do that already in Switzerland anyway."

Some passengers at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris have also reported facing additional baggage restrictions.

They were not allowed any carry—on luggage except women’s handbags. — CNA/ir/ms

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Changi Airport, SIA step up security checks
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