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 Yvonne Lim chooses family time over romantic dates

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PostSubject: Yvonne Lim chooses family time over romantic dates   Wed Feb 17, 2010 8:58 am

Most bridezillas would be typically bull-headed about their wedding, but for actress Yvonne Lim, filming her wedding scene for the ongoing, 180-episode drama Your Hand In Mine was "more tiring" than anything.

Dressed in a satin-white gown, the ravishing 'bride' also had to deal with the slightly less glamourous task of struggling with the overwhelming layers of tuelle and cloth and cautiously teetering in chunky peep-toe wedges. On top of that, she had film the march-in scene more than 10 times.

"I've heard things won't be like this in an actual wedding. Cavin Soh recently got married and it is pretty tiring to organize a big marriage. You spend up to a year's time to plan. I don't think I will be like this. I'd go with simplicity instead," she quipped.

In-between takes, Yvonne huddled with her onscreen sisters cum bridesmaids, Belinda Lee and Cai Peixuan and monkeyed around in her flouncy gown with the bridal entourage by mock-tossing the bridal bouquet. She even found time to sneak in a kiss or two (watch the video to find out more!) with her two onscreen beaus played by Pierre Png and Shaun Chen.

But she was a lot more coy when the topic of her own love life was raised. The actress, who confessed about being dumped by her cheating fiancé only last year, noncommittally said it is "best to leave it up to fate."

While her own sisters have been getting hitched one after another, marriage is not on her cards yet . Instead of feeling the heat, the pint-sized celeb breaks out laughing gregariously and rattled about how "happy and relieved" she feels about having no competition "to snatch the car parking lot with" at home.

Although Valetine's Day coincides this year with the first day of Chinese New Year, the 34-year-old still thinks that "it is more important to spend time with my family than go dating" when we asked of her V Day plans.

"With my growing age, I feel that there is lesser time spent with my family since everyone is busy with their own lives. My elder sister is married with a child and my younger sister recently got engaged. We seldom get to spend time as a family together."

She also lamented about her hectic job nature and how it required her to "shuttle to-and-fro between China and Singapore" every few days when she had to film abroad.

Catch Yvonne in the ongoing Ch 8 drama series, Your Hand In Mine, on weekdays at 7pm.

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Yvonne Lim chooses family time over romantic dates
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