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 Advanced wars review

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PostSubject: Advanced wars review   Sat Mar 27, 2010 6:13 pm

This is a series of TBS (Turn Based Strategy) games, all based around 4 rival nations who slowly discard their differences to defeat the invading nation. these nations are:
Orange Star (COs: Andy, Sami, Max, Nell, Hachi, Jake, Rachael)
Blue Moon (COs: Olaf, Grit, Colin, Sasha)
Green Earth (COs: Eagle, Drake, Jess, Javier)
Yellow Comet (COs: Kanbei, Sonia, Sensei, Grimm)

and the oposing nation:
Black Hole (COs: Flak, Adder, Lash, Hawke, Sturm, Bolt Guard, Candy, Koal, Jugger, Von Bolt)

the first few appear in the majority of the games, the later ones make their appearance in Advanced Wars: Dual Strike, the first Advanced Wars for DS.

later in the series production, for Advanced Wars: Dark Conflict (or Days Of Ruin), all these nations are abandoned for a new story, armies and characters.

This series is amazing, whereas, the last one does become very dark, as part of the storyline is that a meteor strike hits the earth, wiping 90% of all human life out, and covering the earth in a dust cloud, blocking out sunlight....

These games are recommended by me as one of the most interesting and competitive games for a long time, as only 1 game pack is needed for up to 4 players!

The series followed this order and consoles:
Advanced Wars (GBA)
Advanced Wars 2: Black Hole Rising (GBA)
Advanced Wars: Dual Strike (DS)
Advanced Wars: Dark Conflict/Days of Ruin (DS)

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Advanced wars review
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